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Cardboard Computer Cases??

That’s right, Asus is coming out with cardboard computer cases for there ITX line, just reshape the motherboard box it came in to make your own case…

It sounds like a weird little experiment to me though, it might be a good idea for testing out a motherboard, but for a permanent solution I don’t think it’s a good idea. Still you cannot deny that it is pretty neat, you can just use the box the motherboard comes in as a case! This isn’t the first time this idea has come across, Hak.5 did a segment on this a few weeks ago, and cardboard box cases have always floated around the internet.

This definitely would not be a good idea with larger boards with hotter surfaces and more computer to hold together, but for your cheap piece of crap ITX board I suppose it fits to have a cheap piece of crap case.

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